Monday, February 8, 2010

What on earth is my niche? Do I really need one?

Lola art print - A4 size - US$20

Lempicka in red art print - 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches - US15

NEW - Curvy girls rule art print - 71/2 x 8 1/2 inches - US$15

Today has been a struggle. I am struggling to take good photographs of my new and existing prints. Above are some of my new photographs and they all look like I am standing on one leg! I am also struggling to find my niche and whether it is important or not to have one. As you can see above, my work is varied!

I get inspired by everything I see and do. I get really excited about something and then I start creating. But then I find myself going off in too many directions. I'm a natural yellow positive personality who will give you five ideas rather than one. But the problem is I have no niche!

What on earth is it? Do I even need a niche. My background is marketing so I feel obliged to have a niche. But does it really matter. I see artists and handcrafters all the time with niches... ;-( but I don't have one!

But then this morning I came across this from SCRIBD:

Maybe I don't need a niche after all.

What does everyone else think?


  1. I don't think you 'need' one! Sometimes others put us in a 'box' of what we do. And that could be quite restricting, if we let it. So I think its great NOT to have one! The best things come about, when you create something you 'feel' like creating.x

  2. I don't have a niche either! Just keep doing what you're doing.

    PS: i like your prints.

  3. I definitely don't think you need a niche... I love the pix of your art especially the red art print, just gorgeous!!!

    Take Care.... :)

  4. Thanks Jennie.
    Welcome Jelly and Trishie!
    It's good to know that having a niche is not that important.

  5. I am with you! If I spent all my time thinking of my niche I would never get anything done. I think you just have to go with what moves you. That is when you will feel most inspired and passionate about what you are doing. That is when you most enjoy life. I think your work is wonderful no matter which way you photograph it! Thanks for following my blog...i look forward to following yours!
    Jeanne :)

  6. Thank you for coming by my blog :-)) I wouldn't mind at all if you featured my journals on your blog. Your blog is so much fun, I love all the art and love you bring here.

    xo Noel

  7. Hi Jeanne and Noel
    Jeanne, I'm an ex-pat too so we already have a few things in common. I think you are absolutely right about just going with what moves you.
    Noel - I love your blog so much. I adore white and gold and your blog is dressed top to toe with it. Divine. I will write a wee piece on your notebooks either this week or next.

  8. Hi,

    Stumbled upon your blog via Lamma-zine.

    In spite of no formal training your work is very refreshing. It is most likely because you do not have a niche. It is really another way of describing a style. Yet, another way to describe 'style' is really nothing but being in a 'rut'! Please, never fall into one.

    I am a photographer. A wilted brown rose may attract me to do a macro shot to show off its texture, form, etc. That experience makes me look around at dry leaves and other flowers for the next few days. Shoot a series of images. Voila! now I have a style!

    The thing is the interest dims. You get attracted to some thing totally different and, you create another set of images, which look quite unlike what you shot before. Niche, style and rut are conspicuous by their absence! So, what?!

    As some one mentioned above it is best to follow one's sensibilities and make use of them for creating objects of art.

    Wish you all the best.



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