Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the tiger starts tomorrow and I wish you all a prosperous new year.

Red lanterns decorating the ferry pier on Lamma Island.

Chinese New Year is full of traditions. The colour red is everywhere as it symbolises prosperity. People here will not cut their hair in the first three days of the new year because it is seen as cutting away your good fortune. And they won't dust or sweep as this is seen as removing good luck.

The island is full of flowers for sale for Chinese New Year, including these gorgeous lilies I bought myself (white) and pink ones from my lovely boyfriend. The flat smells amazing!


  1. What lovely photos. I adore the red lanterns.

  2. Welcome Mia! The red lanterns are beautiful aren't they?

  3. Hi Queenie Bee - thanks for that awfully sweet comment you left on my blog way back. I'm so sorry I haven't thanked you sooner, I've been off the computer for some time, you know how life gets sometimes?! I love this post - what wonderful photos - I love Hong Kong but I've never been there around Chinese New Year - looks delightful. I'll be back, keep up the great work please! Thanks!


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