Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny new prints for a sunny day

Today was a beautiful day! The weather is changing, and it is now sunny, warm and fresh on the island, which put me in the mood for creating some summery sunny prints.


  1. adorable prints


  2. It is wonderful how each print looks so different in the differnt colours. Gorgeous.

  3. thank you! and i love your prints are in fun colors :)

  4. I love your illustrations. So vibrant and beautiful. The yellow background is my favorite.
    Petergaye S. Kisielewicz

  5. loving the 'mustard' yellow~
    I'm looking forward for warmer weather!
    brrr still cold here*

  6. Beautiful print, I love it! You have a talent for capturing a pose.

    Had a little nose through your archives and the island where you live looks amazing, very different to Scotland indeed!

    Keep up the beautiful work

  7. Thank you everyone! This is the most comments I've ever had - I feel like I'm getting into my groove with these prints!

    Petergaye, Lenorevermore - My favourite is the sandy/mustard/yellow one too. I think we'll put this up in our bedroom. It's great to have a hobby which you can actually use!

    Sarah - I hope to share more pics of the island - it is a pretty amazing place to live!


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