Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New faces - my creative space

Last week I did the sketch below and told you that I would play around with it. And here are the results!
The original sketch.

In stripes, THE fashion story for 2010. I'm stripe mad - I have five stripey tops and two stripey jumpers so I'm very happy!

I'm kinda liking this blonde version of the sketch.

I adore the orange and grey together.

And this teal blue and grey is good too.
A little Italian flavour, inspired by watching The Sopranos all weekend.

And finally, this one is for an old friend from Scotland who now lives in the US and who bought this sketch!

I'd really appreciate your feedback on whether any of these would make a good print.


  1. Me first!
    I like the striped one and the orange one the best. But they are all great!

  2. ohh, these are fun! I really like the blonde one, but the others are interesting too!


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