Friday, January 22, 2010

Where I live

Lamma waterfront

Lamma Main St

One of the lovely beaches on the island

The island has lots of beautiful plants

and old ruins

and fabulous fresh produce!

Originally from Scotland, I moved to Hong Kong in 2005. I live on a little island in the South China Sea called Lamma Island. With no cars, and only 3,500 people - this is an idyllic place to live. It's easy to be inspired by everything you see around you. And it is so peaceful. I love seeing the stars at night and hearing the birds in the morning. Something you see very little of on the metropolis that is Hong Kong island, which is only 30 minutes away on a ferry.


  1. how come that you moved from Scotland to Lamma??????????
    At first sight, I thought Lamma was somewhere in Greece...
    What a beautiful place! I've just "arrived" at your blog, let me read something more, but so far, I like it!!!

  2. Hi Olivia
    Thanks for your comments! I had a quick look at your new blog. It looks great, your logo is lovely. And I look forward to reading more.

    I moved here for many different reasons, one of which was because I always wanted to live abroad. Life is short and I wanted to make sure that I truly experienced it. It's fun and challenging living away from Scotland, but the weather is much, much nicer here! ;-)
    Enjoy reading and please revisit.


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