Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's always good to learn something new

I don't have any formal training in art but I like to do classes now and again. I am currently going to Roz Keep's weekly classes on Lamma Island. Unfortunately, I couldn't go yesterday as I had to go into Hong Kong, but here is a drawing that I did a few weeks back. I am really proud of it because it's the first still life I've done since school. It now hangs in our living room at home.

Roz runs one-on-one tutorials, group classes, sketch treks and classes for children. She is a great watercolour artist and if you live on Lamma or in Hong Kong then you should get in touch with her. For more details e-mail me on

We photocopied my first line drawing so that we could use it later for a watercolour painting. My watercolour painting sucks - that's why I am learning it!


  1. This is a beautiful still life!! I love the soft light. Good luck with your classes:)

  2. That watercolour painting looks pretty good to me! Love the colours too!

  3. Thanks for your comments! And for following my blog.

    Pearl and Pebble, the light was indeed beautiful that day. It was a chilly but sunny December day.

    Jennie, I really find watercolours a struggle, still not convinced I have the patience to use them but I am enjoying the challenge!


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